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WPPL Corporate Social Responsibility


At WPPL we commit to engage with the larger community in two ways:

  • Corporate level: By way of supporting institutions / NGOs by engaging with them in the following manner:
      • Donations : Offering financial support
      • Collecting donations from employees and making an equal contribution for any National disaster
      • By purchasing all our corporate greeting cards/ giftsand other branding material from schools that support any form of disability
      • Educating and engaging employees on their role towards being an active citizen of India
      • Forming of the WPPL foundation that would play an active role towards Farmer Development in FY2015-2016
      • Appointing of a CSR officer at corporate level whose sole responsibility will be to drive community outreach programs in FY2015-2016
  • Activities by engaging employees
      • Putting time and effort towards projects identified by WPPL
      • Engaging with the community by parting skills known to them
      • Contributing towards national disasters by way of time and money
      • Support with idea and by being a part of the CSR cell
      • By contributing minimum 2 hours a month towards the activities planned by WPPL


At WPPL our focus will be to drive change in the following four areas:

    • Healthcare: "We commit towards improving the overall health of the community."
    • Education: "We commit to the cause of 100% literacy in India"
    • Environment: "We commit towards a cleaner and greener India"
    • Jagruti: Farmer Development Program: "We commit towards the cause of Farmer Development"