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Work Cultures


Work Culture

WPPL work culture is evolving. We made the shift of being an ownership driven organization to the need of being a professionally run organization The culture we are promoting is as below. The same is reinforced through our recruitment , Induction , training , Events , Employee communication:


We drive the culture of first time right up to operator level. This reinforced through daily operations, Extensive training, Live skill matrix , six sigma projects to achieve 0 PPM , Branding of First time right , Every time right and delightful customer experience "at all our plants , Quest: Our yearly quality event where we work towards building a culture of Quality & Innovation, Town Hall meets & Reward mechanism to recognize the same through Utsav" our reward & recognition program.


What it means for team Windals is that we must keep focus on the customer needs and work to ensure 100% satisfaction. To work towards building relationships and constantly communicate with customers and ensure complete transparency. We are achieving this through tracking gaps through engaging our customers in a detailed Customer engagement survey report that we publish yearly. We also have a quarterly connect with key customers to take feedback on areas of improvement. We are starting "Know your customers series" to improve knowledge of our customers at every level. We have implemented the GE 9 Grid model to track our performers, Potentials and bottom blockers in the organization. All the increments, growth and MOP of the employee is based on the score received in the assessment through our Performance Management System. This has helped drive a culture of performance . Utsav our monthly R&R program also helps drive performance & create a culture of achievement.


We as an organization would like to be equally known for our discipline as much we are for our products. We encourage an Army discipline" amongst our employees where every commitment is adhered on time. We are ready to change and willing and open to adapt to the new people / processes & Systems. We build a culture of research , detail orientation & documentation much required for sustaining any change initiative. What this also means is that when an organization is transforming , there are many questions that wont have clear cut answers as it is a part of the process of transformation. The answers derive with every situation and you must be understanding to this and be patient till all systems are put in place. The practices will in turn need to be role modelled at every level.


What this means is that our employee adhere to code of an employee related with Cleanliness , hygiene , Uniform , Timings , Habits ( no smoking and chewing of tobacco at work) and all protocol & ethics while at work.


What this means is that every member of WPPL ensures that the time spent in the company is productive. That all work is done at a fast pace and all issues are resolved in record time and projects managed as per time lines agreed upon. We cannot afford delays if we wish to grow at the pace we do. For this we have implemented productivity improvement tools such as Time log so that time wastages can be tracked.